What I Would Do…

DeLorean Time Machine

If I had a time machine and time travel were a possibility, there are a great many things I would like to do. I’m going to make a list of the things I would do right here just for fun.

1. The first thing I would do is go back to visit my younger self and tell me not to wear sweats everyday and pull my hair back into a long, tight pony tail just because it’s easier. I would instill in young me what little fashion sense I’ve gleaned over the past few years. I would also make young me insist and persist that my mother let me cut my hair. It did wonders for me. Also, it’s worth the extra 30 sec. to take out the contacts every night. And it wouldn’t hurt to save the money you earn, instead of buying energy drinks and who knows what else I wasted my money on.

2. After straightening my time management, style, and spending out, I would go back to a time when Apple stocks were really cheap and buy at least 30% of the company so that I would be a billionaire three times over by 2015.

3. After securing my finances for the next 8 generations, I would go back to the 1950’s and see Audrey Hepburn on Broadway in Gigi. I would also somehow obtain an autograph on something nonperishable. Preferably something I could frame. Not sure what this would be quite yet though…if you think of anything, be sure to let me know just in case time travel becomes available. I also think that I belong in the 1950’s because the styles are what I wish I could wear, the movies and entertainment were higher quality, and Audrey Hepburn was putting out some of her best work. I’m pretty sure I would go back and be at every one of the opening nights for her films…:)

4. After this good mixture of selfish practicality and frivolity I would go back and help fight for causes that I care about. I would most likely join UNRWA (later called UNICEF) and bring supplies to victims of WWII in the occupied territories, march on Washington with Martin Luther King Jr., protest the Vietnam War, etc. I would basically spend my whole life fighting for different causes and helping people in different eras and parts of the world, collecting souvenirs of course.

5. I also wouldn’t mind experiencing the world of Jane Austen. I would travel across the world and 200 years to experience the customs and elegance of the type of society that she wrote about.

What would you do if you could time travel?

Image from the movie Back to the Future (1985).


Snow White. And the Huntsman. A Movie Review.

Before summer started I saw the trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman and was super excited and anxious to see it. It came out on June 1, and I just now got back from seeing it because I got free movie tickets from work (I hate to pay $10 a ticket to see a movie once with 20 min. of previews that I can’t fast forward through). This movie has Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth (Thor), and Charlize Theron so I knew it would definitely be good. Turns out it was so dark and twisty that I got lost a couple of times in all that “twistiness”. If you haven’t seen it yet and plan to, please don’t read any further because there may be some spoilers and I don’t want to wreck it for you. I have been asked if it was worth watching. I say yes because I would have been so intrigued that I would have seen it anyway and the free tickets were there, so BONUS!:)

So for starters, this movie is rated PG-13 and for good reason. I personally would say from a Christian world view that no one under 16 (depending on maturity level) should watch this. There was a lot of violence and gruesome killings. It was roughly like a mix between Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter with some classic elements of Snow White sprinkled on top. There was a scene or two of, let’s say, innuendo and prolonged kisses/contact and quite a lot of cleavage and suggested nudity on the evil step mother’s (Charlize Theron) part.

Even assuming that magic is a normality, there is a lot of liberty taken with the realism of the movie. Where does Snow White get changes of clothes, how does her hair always stay up without fly-aways, why was there a white horse just chilling out expectantly on the beach, and how did the Queen’s soldiers know she would find a horse and be at the next place so soon??? There are others, but these probably baffled me the most. The most perplexing question of the movie (coming from a major chick flick fan) is, does she end up with William or the Huntsman??? This, my friends, goes essentially unanswered.

Kristen Stewart gave a great performance overall and is in my opinion a skilled actress even though Hemsworth’s shockingly blue eyes stole a scene or two. The choking/dying scene was long and she didn’t flinch, well she did, but in a talented and convincing way. The movie was well made- I couldn’t always tell what was put in in post production or live action, but there were a few major holes that threw me for a loop and most of it was a tad too predictable.

I’d have to say a 3 out of 5 stars because I think I liked it, the idea, and Stewart’s acting, but some deductions because it didn’t win me over entirely. I would suggest seeing it to adults who enjoy a story that makes you figure things out for yourself and plenty of action scenes.

What’s with all of these Snow White stories this year? Anyone figure that out? Which version of tough cookie Snow White do you like best? Let me know what you thought of it if you saw it and if you haven’t seen it yet, if you think you will!


If you have never heard of or experienced HelloGiggles.com,then you must head over. They have a happy collection of tasty treats, fun/sometimes embarrassing stories and anecdotes, book and movie reviews, how-to’s, etc. It’s beautiful! The website contributors are real people sharing real things over the internet with positive energy. It makes me feel normal to read these things and I feel a camaraderie with these writers when we share similar views or experiences, I don’t feel like as much of a weirdo or as alone because of this website. All this to say, I’m taking a break from these deep, dark posts and I’m going to post a recipe because  I always especially love to browse the amazing recipes that get posted on Hello Giggles.  I tried one out tonight called Almond Joy No-Bake cookies.

These are fantastic cookies! You will need these ingredients:

Coconut oil, Shredded coconut, Baker’s chocolate/Chocolate Chips, Honey, Salt, and Raw Cashews. Here’s a link to the recipe:


To make the cashew “flour” or meal I used my food processor to grind it all up and it worked perfectly. Of course if you don’t want to shell out a bunch of money for raw cashews and you have regular flour in hand, that’ll work too, but the cashew meal is great and adds texture.:)

I used Semi-sweet chocolate chips instead of the baking chocolate to add a bit more sweetness because the honey doesn’t quite meet my sweetness quota. 😛

And instead of the costly Coconut Oil, you can use Canola or Vegetable oil, and a little less than the recipe says if you prefer. I made it the way the recipe says this time, but maybe next time if I don’t have all the ingredients I’ll experiment on my own…

I didn’t add the nuts to the top because in my family we don’t really like them, but sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t. Almond Joys have nuts, Mounds don’t.

These make a great summer treat and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Moon River.

–“Two drifters off to see the world. There’s such a lot of world to see. We’re after the same rainbow’s end, waiting around the bend. My huckleberry friend. Moon river and me.”–

I think what I need is to go. Just go. Plan a trip and make it happen. I feel like I need life to take a time-out for me, but the only way that can happen is if I hop on a plane, train, or automobile and go. I want to walk around some European city and do nothing but see and observe (with a camera in tow, of course). Eat at quaint little street café and see monuments like the Eiffel Tower, or the Louvre, the wishing wall, etc. Or I’d like to go to China and walk the Great Wall of China. Or even closer to home, but still just as “exotic” at this point, I want to go to San Francisco and explore China Town and take an electric bike tour of the Golden Gate Bridge and find the “Full House” house.

I’ve never been as happy and at ease as I was when I traveled. I’ve only been to Chicago, Illinois and a couple of cities in Costa Rica, but even despite the illness and fatigue I faced on those trips I had the time of my life listening to and watching people so different from me and from what I experience in Alaska. One of my favorite memories is riding with a the trumpet player of a mariachi band, his family, and a close friend. He drove dangerously late at night on twisty roads, we got lost, saw forgiveness between a couple, and spoke in Spanglish, after which I fell fast asleep on a borrowed bed.

Life seems to pause whilst in another place and you can become anyone you want to. You can learn so much from just talking to people and spending time observing the culture and learning the language. I think I would like to spend awhile in a Spanish speaking country and really learn Spanish, not just sit in a classroom trying to analyze verbs all day. I want to spend a year in France and learn to speak French.

Modern Day Miracles.

When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I’m feeling sad I simply remember my favorite things, well maybe not quite, but I’m going to list some miraculous things that I have been the beneficiary of as a reminder to self. I’m making proverbial lemonade, here we go.

1. A little over 19 years ago, on January 23, 1993 I was born to two very naive, but extraordinarily loving parents. Even though at the really rough patches it doesn’t seem miraculous, it is. God, designer and creator of the entirety of the universe decided that my life was a good investment. He provided for me good parents, food, a roof, and all the other necessities and some frivolities of life.

2. Even though I haven’t traveled  as extensively as I would like, it was a miracle getting to go to Costa Rica spring break 2011. Yeah, you think of Costa Rica for spring break and think party time! But it wasn’t the party time that was most rewarding. The first 5 days or so the team spent with very sweet and generous families in the tiny village of Cachi while we worked on fixing the local church and doing local outreach activities. My family was such a blessing to me while I was there and that is where most of the fond memories come from. Of course there are a few not-so-bad memories from the last two days spent in the resort city of Jaco in the sun and on the waves, like my first ride on a surf board for example. Another miracle that happened in conjunction with the trip was the support my extended family showed before I left. Trying to come up with the funds needed for a transcontinental journey was a trial and some of my family members selflessly jumped in. I have to give a special mention of my great grandfather who gave not only a large donation, but he also sent me a new Bible.

3. College. The experience has been nothing like what I anticipated, but it is a sort of miracle. At times I feel confident with my skinny savings account that everything is possible, but sometimes I have to be realistic. Staying in Alaska for school wasn’t in any plan I had for my life, but with a scholarship that will help with the first 4 years and a 4-year community college in town it seemed to be the thing to do for now. I’m not sure how long I’m staying, if it’ll be 2 years or 4 years, but it has been academically rewarding and a financially doable (I’ve only paid for books so far) way to get my general requisites out of the way and figure out what I want to do with my life. It’s helped introduce me into photography, too.

4. I’m going to say that my employment has been somewhat of a miracle as well. So far when I’ve been in need of a job, I’ve been able to get one. I have hit some rocky spots during some jobs, but they have helped me grow. What doesn’t kill you, right? Also, I’ve held jobs that are very accommodating and flexible with hours so I can have days off and school days. In high school I had a job where I could get my schoolwork done after finishing the light demands of the job, then freshman year of college I had another similar position. I will hopefully be able to keep this up.:) My employment has also helped me to develop my savings account so I don’t have to worry as much about my future and not have to live paycheck to paycheck.

5. Again I’m back to my parents. Not having to pay for rent and food, and having almost all the necessities here at home is definitely something of a miracle. I’m super grateful for all the things most people take for granted as children because in the real world there are many bills to pay, school to attend, jobs to work, and not enough hours in a day and anything helps. I’ve been blessed enough to get to postpone the “real world” for a little while and get to explore more with a steady home base to come back to. I do plan to leave eventually, but for now it would not be economically wise, plus who doesn’t love home cooked meals three times a day?

Is She, or Isn’t She?

I’m going through a transition period and I’m not sure what I want to do with my life. I just completed my first year of college and entering in I thought I almost had it figured out. Everyone always asks what my major is and what I’m doing and the truth is that I don’t want to declare anything right now. I thought I wanted to do music as a career and so the plan was to get a psychology degree at UAA then romp off to Berkeley College of Music in Boston to get a degree in Music Therapy where I would work on my solo career as an artist on the side just in case that worked out. Now I’m considering Psychology, Journalism, or Spanish as a major. I’ve always wanted to see the world and studying abroad would be a fantastic way to learn by living somewhere I’ve never been before being immersed in language and culture. Journalism might allow me to capitalize on something I have always had a flair and a talent for, but Psychology would always be infinitely interesting and useful. You see, I’m a little lost. The only way I know to get anywhere is through school. I’ve been doing it all my life, it’s all I know and I’ve been taught that it’s the only way to a promising future, but I’m past ready to end my formal education and just get out into the real world even though it probably wouldn’t be very wise.

Music used to be my everything, all I ever wanted to do, my dream. Now I’m a scattered mess. Now photography, cooking, and travel have been filling all my free time and my mind even more than music.

“So is she, or isn’t she? A phony, I mean.”