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Since I started college, I’ve been thinking excessively about my future and my career options and what the heck I’m gonna do when I graduate and how to prepare. A couple months ago, I had a crazy idea. This idea was based off of both television and reality, but probably mostly television portrayal. I added FBI Special Agent to my list of potential careers. I kind of obsessed over this idea and it’s brilliance. I did all the research, I plotted my educational and extracurricular road map, I started preparing for the physical testing. In doing all of these behaviors I was reinforcing my attitude towards this career. My behaviors influenced my attitudes just like I learned in class just this semester. I have since realized this and also talked to some female agents and assessed my talents, interests, and disposition and realized though it would be cool, I…

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Shh! I’m Gonna Let You in on a Secret.

Image from Google…

Netflix. I have a strange love/hate relationship with this web site. I love that I get to watch movies and tv shows without having to wait for commercials try to load over slow internet connection and streaming is practically seamless. I hate that it doesn’t have tv shows the next day after air like Hulu. I love that I discovered Caterina Scorsone by happy accident. I was looking for something new to watch one day in August and I came across a 4-hour tv-movie/series called Alice.

This was a fantastic movie and I loved it! Scorsone’s acting was so superb that I had to find out more about her so I checked out her IMDb page to find out what else she was in. I then came to find out that a Lifetime tv series (2003-2006) about a recent college graduate (Scorsone) that gets hit by lightning and gains the psychic ability to find missing people and gets to work with the FBI. This show is was called 1-800 Missing, then in season 2 they reworked the whole thing and made it into an entirely new show, gave it a cooler name: Missing, and it had the same general idea (twenty-something psychic finding missing people) and Caterina Scorsone, but the similarities end there. I ended up liking the series so much that I have now seen all three seasons 3 times in succession.

She looks so young! And she wears that necklace in every episode in every season…

She has done some more stuff since then, a couple of movies (mostly made-for-tv) and has been doing a tv show on ABC for the last three years. She became Dr. McDreamy’s (Patrick Dempsey’s character on popular hospital drama, Grey’s Anatomy) neurosurgeon sister on the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off, Private Practice with occasional appearances on GA. Her role had a very dramatic plot arc as a drug addict whose friends try an intervention in season 5 of PP. She plays the emotional break down very convincingly and shows incredible talent. It really was an incredible portrayal.

That show is ending after this season, so anyone will be able to watch the whole series (Scorsone enters in season 3) on Netflix this summer. I don’t think the show is really worthwhile unless you enjoy dramas with redundant plots (with some exceptions, obviously) that emulate daytime soap operas, the general sentiment is who’s with who most of the time. Just watch the big plot arcs, like Amelia’s intervention, on YouTube. But if you have a Netflix account, I would suggest finding Missing and Alice for sure. If you like strong female leads that can kick butt and look good doing it, then you will love Caterina Scorsone’s characters in these small screen sensations!


P.S. Enjoy these older works because she recently had a baby girl named Eliza, so I wouldn’t be expecting much in the near future…

Oh, the little things.

What a weird day. Today was Wednesday, the day of the week I very strongly dislike. From the time I leave for class at 08:00 hours and get back at 22:00 hours, I only spend 2 of them at home. I go to morning classes, come home for lunch and to grab dinner to go and other stuff, then I’m off to work, then I go directly to my night class that ends after 9PM. Whew! Long. Day.
Some of these Wednesdays go smoother than others, like last week, it seemed to go in slow motion and I had tons of time between engagements. This week, however, I decided to go to a job fair at my school to find out more about a career option I was considering after college. I found out they don’t want psych majors and one needs a computer science, accounting, or “hard” science major to make it.
It’s not that I want to do anything in the field of psychology once I graduate, but it’s what I enjoy learning about and what I’m naturally drawn to. “Soft” sciences. I think I’m kind of a wimp. I don’t want to go through all of the work of a physical or biological science (or accounting) because I would be bored and frustrated to tears. Plus, it’s too late to finish in two years at this point after all the social science credits I’ve wracked up.
So, not only did I have a long and rough day that gave me reason to think deeply about my future (which is all I do these days), but there was an incident tonight. I was taking a shower and my cat was in the bathroom with me. I didn’t have the fan on because I didn’t want to wake the sleeping people in the next room over and so the air was getting thick with steam and I figured the cat might want out so I opened the door a crack so she could make her escape. Thing is, she didn’t even want out, but when I opened the door, the steam wafted out and straight to the smoke detector. (Apparently steam can set off a smoke detector, who knew?) I ended up waking everyone up which was why I didn’t have the fan on in the first place.
At least most of my tv shows come on on Tuesday nights so I get to watch them on Hulu on Wednesdays…

It was her fault…

A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Monday Go Down.

To give another nod to Mary Poppins, I am going to start a segment every Monday where I introduce something positive/good, or something that is literally sweet.
Today, I know I’m posting late, but am going to share a sweet (and sour) recipe with y’all that I used today while it’s still Monday. As I posted earlier today, I tried out vegetarian chicken nuggets (obviously not chicken) and made some sweet and sour sauce to go with it. It was delicious!

What you will need:
1 cup ketchup
1 1/4 oz. honey
1/4 cup red wine vinegar
1/4 cup sugar

What you will do:
This is really easy, all you have to do is add all the ingredients in a sauce pan and cook over low heat, stirring, until combined. Let cool and serve cold.

And remember, a spoonful of sugar helps the Monday go down!

Quote of the Day.

Since I’m on a roll here, I will impart to you a quote that I read today and thoroughly enjoyed. I am in love with Psychology and actually enjoy reading my text books because they say things like this:

“Americans eat oysters but not snails. The French eat snails but not locusts. The Zulus eat locusts but not fish. The Jews eat fish but not pork. The Hindus eat pork but not beef. The Russians eat beef but not snakes. The Chinese eat snakes but not people. The Jalé of New Guinea find people delicious.”

–Sociologist Ian Robertson

…I don’t actually eat any of this as a vegetarian…

Win. Win. Win. Who Wouldn’t Want That?

Have you heard of the We Are the Sounds campaign movement on Get to it here to read about it and be a part of it.

It’s a friend of mine’s project and she’s using her talents to help other people, how cool is that? So what it is, is a snazzy new album recorded in Baltimore, Maryland that gives back to the community by raising money in partnership with Parks and People to put edible gardens in schools. It’s an incredible, edible, and noble goal and she’s almost there! The thing is, there are only 13 days left to raise what’s left of the $10,000 goal. For just $5 you can get some pretty fabulous tunes, help children in the city get the resources they need, and feel good about supporting a worthy cause. There are lots of other perks and options including a $1 download of a single off the album, the $5 download of the whole album so you can stream it anywhere, for $25 you can get a download of the album plus a signed copy sent to you along with a cool poster, and much much more! Donate what you can whether it be $1 or $100, it’s worth it!

This song is also on the album! So good!

So, go on over to the page, donate, get awesome stuff, and share this project with the world! Let’s make it as global as the sounds heard on the album itself because WE ARE THE SOUNDS! Let’s make a difference, make a change, and let it shine! If you need more incentive, then check out my previous blog post about it where I break the album down track by track. And keep your eye out for Karissa LaRen because she’s gonna continue to do great things!

Thank you in advance, to all who participate!

Education, Compassion, and Politics.

Every four years, a constant, heated debate rages between rational humans over political issues that don’t usually come up in everyday conversation. I mean, I don’t usually have spur of the moment or tangential conversations with my friends, professors, and peers about issues such as abortions, health care, women’s rights, unemployment, our country’s foreign relations, etc. I might get into the Mac vs. PC debate though…or even the Canon vs. Nikon debate…

What people need to do in light of the upcoming elections is educate themselves on each side of the issues and what the bills and things they want you to vote for would mean to you and other people. Consider the effects of Obama’s Healthcare that he is pushing. Why are people opposing it? They must have their reasons, and same for why people are pushing it. They must have reasons, so what would be the consequences of a bill like that? Also, it is important to have compassion. That goes into what I was saying, how would this affect other people? Would it do more good than harm to children, mothers, babies, men, minorities, and humans in general? Just like the ethical considerations given when doing research, does your plan have respect for persons? Beneficence? Is there an informed consent process that should be considered? Just keep in mind that the human tendency is to think critically about things that oppose their views and not about things that support their views; this is called the confirmation bias. While every person has thinking biases and challenges, it is up to the voters and decision makers to think critically about both sides of an argument.

I personally can’t support a bill that makes me pay for other peoples’ birth control, morning/week after pills, or abortions because it’s just not healthcare. It’s government-assissted homicide. Just because it’s medication, doesn’t mean it is a medical necessity. I would gladly get behind healthcare that puts my tax dollars toward helping people pay for life saving surgeries/treatments, cancer trials and research, paying for expensive hospital stays, caring for and curing of childhood disease, and the like. Either candidate who gets elected wouldn’t change much in a four year span economically or in our overall foreign relations, I’m not thrilled and over the moon with Romney, but if he is elected maybe he can save some lives.

Either way this election goes, God has it in his control. He ultimately appoints the kings and judges. I just wish people would stop slinging mud at other parties like four year olds on a playground. If somebody disagrees with you, you can consider their points, consider your points, and make a decision and that doesn’t have to be a hostile process. I hate politics, but I care about people and respecting others no matter what their decisions/race/ethnicity/etc. but since this is a democratic and sovereign nation, I just hope that I am not forced to get behind things I don’t believe because that would be very unconstitutional.

I Had a Fat Day. And it’s okay.

There are some days where I feel fat. Those days when none of my clothes seem to fit quite right, I don’t feel like I look my very best…you know, a fat day. Well today was kind of like that, but instead of just feeling fat today, I wanted to eat fatty foods and I was totally okay with it; the feeling fat and the desire to eat junk food. I usually watch what I eat and I work out a lot, but today was a rare fat day. I don’t usually like cake, but I am still craving frozen chocolate cake (trust me, it’s even better that way).
I think my “fat day”s coincide with my bad days. I just want to load up on comfort foods because of my mood and it contributes back into those feelings. I think today constitutes a bad day, the theme song could easily have been “Bad Day” by Daniel Powter. I woke up an hour later than I wanted to, my sensitive skin couldn’t handle a new facial scrub, whilst doing my morning set of push-ups I pulled/strained something in my neck so I couldn’t do my sit-ups or my daily walk on the treadmill to Gilmore Girls, plus I had to lay in the floor for half an hour because of my injury, thus reducing my productivity before class. I did get to walk at the Dome with my mom for a while today, though, and that was nice, and I got a good legitimate excuse to skip art appreciation, so it wasn’t all bad.
Anybody else ever have one of those days?