The Incredible, Edible Egg!

Yay! Finally another post – isn’t spring break wonderful?


I have been making a lot of eggs recently and I came up with a recipe that I would like to share, it’s a kind of quiche, but it’s super quick and easy. If you can scramble eggs, you can make it.

In addition to my affinity for eggs, I also love ramekins and cocottes, which coincidentally are great vehicles for cooking/baking eggs. It all started with a recipe from Rachel Khoo, a British chef living in France and cooking in a tiny parisian kitchen with a BBC television show, on making oeuf en cocottes (eggs in pots). The closest approximation to this recipe that I can make is delicious. I say approximation because I have to use whipping cream instead of creme fraiche because there are no stores that carry it here in Alaska. If you live here and you find one, please be so kind as to direct me to it! But making the same dish almost every day, no matter how delicious, got boring and so I mixed things up by making scrambled eggs with various vegetables. I one day wondered what it would taste like if I baked the egg mixture in a cocotte instead of heating it in a frying pan. It turned out surprisingly well as a kind of quiche.

I have so far tried quite a few veggies in the mix, here are some of my favorite ingredients; red bell peppers, onions, spinach, and asparagus. I sauté these up and beat two eggs (per serving) in a bowl with a splash of milk and some salt and pepper, and sometimes a little mozzarella cheese. I then combine them and pour the mixture into a cocotte and bake for between 15-20 minutes at 350 degrees. Adding some shredded cheese, tomatoes and/or black olives just before it’s done baking often adds a nice flavor. Make sure to allow a generous amount of time to cool before serving as the whole thing will be very hot. It’s a fairly quick and easy meal that can be meatless or not; adding some chicken, ham, or bacon may be a way to make it an even more filling meal and add some more flavors, but it is also easy to make it as a vegetarian option. It can be made as a single serving or for a whole family.

If you have a fridge full of eggs and assorted veggies, a bake-safe dish (be it ramekin, cocotte, sturdy tea cup, pyrex bowl, etc.), and the knowledge of how to scramble eggs, then you are well-equipped to make this tasty dish.