Hello world!

I’ve finally started a blog. I have been toying with the idea, then recently I’ve started honing all the blog-worthy skills quite unintentionally. My passion for taking pictures, traveling, cooking, and writing have all taken off in the last year, but I told myself that I wasn’t going to start a blog chronicling my journey through these new hobbies until I found the right name for it. I thought, and I thought, and I thought, but nothing seemed original enough and fitting until one day when I was watching one of my favorite movies, Mary Poppins, the name came to me. “Wooden Leg Named Smith” was one of the outstanding and slightly cheesy jokes from the film that I love so dearly.

So read this blog if you would like to hear about my affinity for Audrey Hepburn movies and other old films, singer-songwriters, travel, art, and television shows- all accented by emoticon smilies! Join me on my journey of constant learning, I’d love to hear from anyone that I’m not the only one, so please make yourself at home and comment the heck out of this page:)