Measure Up.

I love this movie.

Have you ever wondered if Mary Poppins were to dance into your life, what her tape measure would say next to your name? I’ve given this a good deal of thought (what else would potential-filled undergraduates apply brain power to?) and I’ve imagined it would say something close to this:

Hailey Case ~ Practically average in every way.

I don’t mean this to be self-depricating or anything, but let’s face it. I’m not the best and brightest, nor am I a complete slouch. I’m not fat, but I’m not a supermodel by any means. I’m average. Average intelligence, average height and weight, and average achievements. These aren’t the best of times or the worst of times. I sit on a solid, sturdy middle ground. There’s an old saying that, paraphrased, goes something like this (not sure where I heard this, probably basketball or something) there will always be someone who does what you do better, and someone who does it worse. It feels very fitting, there are people who achieve more than me, and those who achieve less. Maybe after graduation I’ll feel differently. How do you think you would measure up?


“Quote of the Day.”

Kristen Bell with a sloth as a birthday surprise.

I have no desire to put on this face of perfection. I’m constantly striving to better myself, but that’s also maybe out of intense insecurities. Feeling like I went right from high school to Hollywood, it’s essentially the same dynamic. But I can admit, I don’t always have the best style. I trip a lot, I go to therapy because I make mistakes, I just try to be as real and as well-rounded as possible because there’s nothing really that interesting about perfection. It’s been done so many times before.

~Kristen Bell

Dance Like No One’s Watching. Because They Probably Aren’t.

The title of this video is How to be Alone. It’s such a beautiful poem. My mom found it and showed it to me this morning and I realized how really not okay I am actually being alone- how dependent I am on the virtual communication of social networking. There are places I don’t go, things I don’t do just because being alone can feel/look awkward. You don’t have to be lonely just because you’re alone. This may sound counter-intuitive, but you can relish the time that you spend alone and can be confident in yourself enough to be alone in public. You don’t have to stare at your blank phone screen or text your mom to look like you’re interacting and connected with people ALL the time. It can be just you.
This is something I’m learning. I don’t think I would ever take myself out dancing because that’s not me, but maybe to a cafe or dinner. You don’t necessarily look like a creeper if you hang out at the park by yourself. It’s not healthy to be alone at all times, that’s the deep spiral of depression, but it’s not always a bad thing to be by yourself from time to time. I think we all need to take a little time with the computer off, the phone put away, not connected by virtual strings and be alone with God and our thoughts, enjoying ourselves. Our society says we can’t do this, we need instagram and facebook and twitter to constantly tell and show the world where we are, what we’re doing, what we’re thinking, and who we want others to think we are. In the spirit of independence and introversion (not always a bad thing) I’m going to take the rest of the day away from my electronic tethers and maybe experience some rest.
Happy Sunday, y’all!

A Music Video.

So last Saturday, I posted a music video for your enjoyment. Well, I’d like to do the same this week, but the song I can’t get out of my head this time, is an oldie and a goodie. It’s from the 1961 film (my favorite), Breakfast at Tiffany’s. So here’s the talent of the top banana, the lovely Audrey Hepburn for your viewing and listening pleasure! Happy Saturday err’ body!

PS. Pretty sure this is exactly what fire escapes were invented for.

The Olympics and the Competition.

The Olympics are here again! It’s a fantastic celebration of human achievement and a wonderful display of fitness, motivation, and dedication that happens every four years. These athletes train for years and live for their sport. They dedicate their lives to excellence at the one thing. They eat, sleep, live, and breathe their sport and every four years, the best of the best get to compete and showcase their talent while billions of people across the world watch and cheer. Some tweet and update their Facebook statuses about the events and sometimes the athletes. Some people are ignorant jerks who post demeaning and degrading remarks about the appearance and/or performance of these outstanding people. No matter what, only one can win the gold, one the silver, and one the bronze in every event. Everyone else goes home with the satisfaction of knowing they were one of the best and they got to the Olympics, which is more than most people ever get to do, and a trip across the world (depending on where they’re from, of course). All they can do is try their best and represent their country with dignity no matter the results.

What I don’t get is why the people who sit on their behinds at their computers think they should be judging these dedicated individuals’ appearances and performances and talking trash about them. The site of the Olympics is a place filled with some the most extraordinarily talented individuals in the modern world; swimmers, divers, gymnasts, runners, hurdlers, throwers, basketball players, and other athletes, coaches, photographers, announcers, etc. They are all human, of course, and they do make mistakes, and they all have feelings. Saying mean and ignorant things to them and/or about them over the internet (cyber bullying) is just ridiculous. If one athlete comes in fourth place, they did not disappoint their father who died last year of cancer. If an athlete’s hair isn’t smooth is that really something to point out and discuss over the internet? I don’t think so. I would like to hear more positive things showing up on my screen. Maybe announcements of great achievements and congratulations? Or is that too far of a stretch?