Still Here!

I’m still here! I have just been so busy because I am taking 6 courses this semester! It’s been crazy, but the real reason I haven’t been updating the old blog is because I have been trying to focus my studies and my interests. I like to have plans and a direction in which to travel, or I drive myself crazy going in circles. I finally decided my major! I was debating between journalism, social work, and psychology for the longest time, but a friend helped me decide. I met with some friends from a photography class and was telling them about the classes I am taking and I realized the only one that I like is clinical psychology, and she said, “if it excites you, why don’t you make it your major?” It was like an epiphany sitting there with English and art majors and realizing I can do what excites me. I can study what I enjoy, even if I’m not sure where I’ll be five years from now.
The same thing that I did with my studies, I would like to do with my blog. I would like to give it focus and direction, so I won’t be posting here for a little while as I sort out my priorities, so TTFN!